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Fall Guitar Weekend

November 13th - November 15th 2020

About the Fall Guitar Weekend:

Join Catherine O'Kelly's guitar studio for our second online event!

The Fall Guitar Weekend includes an improvisation workshop, an Alexander Technique workshop, a lecture on the similarities between music and the visual arts, a luthier demonstration, a panel discussion about what it's like to be a professional guitarist, a master class, an open mic night, a student recital, a faculty concert, and a chamber music concert. It is open to all styles of guitar.

The event runs from Friday, November 13th, 2020 through Sunday, November 15th, 2020. All events will be held online through Zoom. Links will be distributed in advance.

There are three types of registration for the festival:
    Full Registration: 45 spots available

    Full Registration plus Master Class: 10 spots available*

      *Due to popular demand, we have created 5 additional spots
    Audit: 50 spots available

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About the Classes

Improvisation Workshop

Dan Hartington will work with participants to explore a basic approach to start improvising using melodies from pieces and songs you already know.  It will include a quick warmup session to get your fingers moving to start off the weekend. Bring your questions and most importantly, your guitars! Open to all participants. Fully registered participants will be able to participate actively in the workshop.

Technique and Color: Exploring Music through Visual Art

In this lecture Jaclyn Jones will explore how to achieve different colors through guitar and painting techniques, the process of applying colors to your music, and shared musical and artistic influences throughout history. After the lecture there will be a short workshop in which participants can try out the demonstrated techniques on their guitars. Open to all participants. Fully registered participants will be able to actively participate in the workshop.

Master Class

Master class participants will each have 25 minutes to perform a piece and work with Christopher Ladd. Space in the master class is limited to the first ten students who sign up. (Due to popular demand, there are five new spots in the master class!) Participation is open to intermediate and advanced students who have registered for the Master Class. Everyone is welcome to watch.

Alexander Technique Workshop

Elizabeth Huebner will lead a workshop in the basics of the Alexander Technique, a method for developing supportive posture, reducing tension, and moving in an efficient and balanced manner. Musicians, athletes, and anyone who has a body will benefit from studying the technique. Elizabeth Huebner will give a brief history of the Alexander Technique, demonstrate the basic principles, and guide participants through some movements. Open to all participants.

Luthier Demonstration

Take a tour of the Chapman and Fisher workshop in Amherst, MA. Gef Fisher will walk through the guitar building process and demonstrate some of the techniques that he and Alan Chapman use to build custom-made guitars. Open to all participants.

Panel Discussion

First there will be a performance by Duo Alterity, after which the duo performers and will join the other panelists to discuss their experiences in the professional music world. They will talk about what it's like to go to music school, what it's like to compete, and what it's like to build a career in teaching, performing, and gigging. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions. Open to all participants.

Panelists: Allison Hughes and Joseph Van Doran from Duo Alterity, Sarah Badlissi, Dan Hartington, and Mandy Sullivan

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Student Performances

Open Mic Night

Saturday, November 14th, 7:00-8:00 pm EST

Fully registered participants and faculty are welcome to perform anything they would like to perform, whether on guitar or on a different instrument. Participants/faculty are also welcome to perform with a family member. This recital will be live streamed on youtube. You are welcome to share the link.


Final Recital

Sunday, November 15th, 5:00-6:00 pm EST

Each fully registered participant will perform one polished piece. This recital will be live streamed on youtube. You are welcome to share the link.


Chamber Music Concert
Friday, November 13th, 7:00-8:00 pm EST
Chamber ensembles ranging from guitar duo to string quartet will perform from their homes. This concert will be live streamed on youtube. You are welcome to share the link.

Faculty Recital

Saturday, November 14th, 2:00-3:00 pm EST

The Fall Guitar Weekend faculty members will each perform from their homes. This recital will be live streamed on youtube. You are welcome to share the link.

Duo Alterity

Sunday, November 15th, 2:00-2:15 pm EST

Duo Alterity will perform a short program right before the Panel Discussion begins. This performance will be live streamed on youtube. You are welcome to share the link.


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Catherine O’Kelly: Event Director

Gef Fisher: Luthier Demonstration

Dan Hartington: Improvisation Instructor

Elizabeth Huebner: Alexander Technique Instructor

Jaclyn Jones: Lecturer

Christopher Ladd: Master Class Instructor

Registration Information

Full Registration

Price: $30 + fees

Each student will have the opportunity to:
    -Perform in the Open Mic Night
    -Perform in the Final Recital
    -Participate in the Improvisation Workshop

    -Participate in the Alexander Technique Workshop

    -Attend and participate in the Lecture
    -Attend the Luthier Demonstration
    -Watch all the concerts

    -Watch the Master Class

    -Attend the Panel Discussion

Full Registration plus Master Class

Price: $70 + fees    (Open to the first ten students who register)

Open only to Intermediate and Advanced Students

Each student will have the opportunity to:
    -Perform in the Master Class

    -Perform in the Open Mic Night
    -Perform in the Final Recital
    -Participate in the Improvisation Workshop

    -Participate in the Alexander Technique Workshop

    -Attend and participate in the Lecture
    -Attend the Luthier Demonstration
    -Watch all the concerts

    -Attend the Panel Discussion


Price: $15 + fees
Auditors will have the opportunity to:
    -Attend the Improvisation and Alexander Technique Workshops

    -Attend the Lecture and Luthier Demonstration
    -Watch all the student recitals
    -Watch all the concerts

    -Watch the Master Class

    -Attend the Panel Discussion

Golden Girl Granola Packages.jpg

When you register for the Fall Guitar Weekend, not only do you get amazing instruction and content, but you get a chance at winning all natural granola! Golden Girl Granola, an O'Kelly family owned business, is offering a drawing for granola snack packs and 10 oz bags.

Register for an "Audit" spot = automatically entered into a drawing for 6 snack packs (one flavor of your choice)

Register for a "Full Registration (including full registration + Masterclass)" spot = automatically entered into a drawing for 6 granola bags (10 oz bags. Mix and match flavors of choice)


*All those who have already registered are automatically entered into the drawing!


So register today! Trust me, this granola is Beyond Delicious!


Schedule of Events

(All times listed in EST)

Final Schedule.png

Chamber Music Concert

Friday, November 13th, 7:00 pm EST

Luca Duo

Mavis Hsieh, Voice

Jaclyn Jones, Guitar

Catherine O'Kelly, Guitar

Sven Rainey, Guitar

Selah Kwak, Violin 1

Daniella Greene, Violin 2

Bobby Luan, Viola

Max Hanks, Cello


Catherine Sven Duo 4.png
Max String Quartet.jpeg

Panel Discussion

Sunday, November 15th, 2:00 pm EST

The panel will begin with a special performance by Duo Alterity

   Allison Hughes, Flute

   Joe Van Doran, Guitar


Sarah Badlissi

Dan Hartington

Mandy Sullivan

Joseph Van Doran

Allison Hughes

Sarah Badlissi Headshot.JPG
Dan CG Studio.JPG.jpg
Alterity Duo-080.jpg

Please support our performers!

With many concerts and gigs canceled this year, our performers would appreciate your financial support. If you enjoyed hearing their music, you can donate to them here:

Thank you!

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